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The Most Expensive Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Disasters

Plastic surgery and Botox has become more and more popular in recent years for the public. However, celebrities have been famed for going under the knife for years and years. Some dabble in cosmetic surgery every so often just to lose a couple of years, however, for some it can become a dangerous addiction that has resulted in some of our favourite celebrities losing not just their looks but a small mountain of cash as well.

pete burns bad plastic surgeryPete Burns, 80’s frontman of Dead or Alive famed for their anthem ‘You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)’ and more recently for his surgery riddled face, which at one time was close to falling off completely. Pete, 51, has had numerous face lifts and other surgeries along with chemical peels and Botox, and the threat of having his lips amputated due to infection to lip enhancement treatment, has certainly not deterred him from further surgery. The surgery started in 1980 with a nose job that ended up looking crooked and even prevented Pete from wearing glasses. Burns became obsessed with surgery and in 2004 and after months of abuse and botched surgery ended up with an infection that left his lips swollen to 18 inches. After a lengthy court battle he won over half a million in a court settlement but the financial cost of the surgery is unknown. With Botox prices being over $400 per appointment, one can only imagine the total amount he’s thrown at trying to hold back the years tied to the intense emotional cost of years of surgery. As a result of the years of stress, botched surgery and media pressure Pete has been left housebound due to his fragile physical state.

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