Kylie Jenner Downplays Pregnancy News By Showing Off a Seemingly Barely-There Baby Bump

Kylie Jenner appears to wanna throw people off the scent that she’s pregnant … because she just shared some pics that show a barely-there baby bump.

Kylie posted new photos of herself on Instagram Sunday — the first she’s put up since TMZ broke the story that she’s preggo with Travis Scott‘s kid, who he’s telling friends is a girl. You can tell she’s trying to show off her figure (her belly, specifically) which in these pics looks as good as it always has.

Here’s the thing … we know for a fact she is expecting, regardless of what these photos seem to show or not. In the top photo, she’s wearing loose clothes from what looks like her outfit on Friday, so it’s hard to get a real good look at the bump here. 

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