Jean Claude Van Damme39s Wife Is Leaving The Action Star For A Jean Claude Van Damme Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jean Claude Van Damme Plastic surgery Before and After Photos

Jean Claude Van Damme – from stud to melted mug

After starting is career as a handsome stud and staying that way for most of it, Jean Claude Van Damme is almost unrecognizable at this time. Of course, he’s aged; the fat inside his cheeks has decreased as it does for most over time. His eyes look like they’ve been pulled upwards and to the sides far too tightly rendering him almost unrecognizable.

Jean-Claude Van Damme admits Kylie Minogue affair, ‘sweet, beautiful lovemaking’

Here’s a photo of Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme together at The Expendables premiere in Paris a few days ago. Who would have thought that Dolph would be holding up so much better than the rest of these beefcakes? And it’s not just a matter of age either even though Arnie is pushing 65, and Stallone is 66. Comparatively speaking, Dolph is one of the younger ones of the group at age 54, but Jean-Claude is 51 and looks (much like Arnold and Sly) like melting wax. I guess five marriages and a $10,000 per week coke habit for years will do that to you, but Jean-Claude has reportedly cleaned up his life quite a bit in the past several years and now has a new role as the lead villain in The Expendables 2. It’s his first role in a major film in well over a decade, and he’s obviously trying to make the most of it even though the poor guy looks pretty rough in these photos.

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