Celebrities React to Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin's Death

It’s no surprise … there has been a cascade of grief, sympathy and tributes from celebrities around the world in the wake of Aretha Franklin‘s passing.

Oh queen oh queen how I cry to see you go. Like so many others I share the sadness of this loss. A true inspiration, a constant listen in my youth. I remember going deep into her B sides and live performances, always in awe of her ability. To discover the effortlessness of her gift, to take it in and experience the tones that shaped my love for singing. Her instrument like no other. Magic, pure magic. Thank you Aretha.

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That voice. That soul. That spirit. I was always a fan – aren’t we all? Then, out of the blue, The Queen summoned me to tea last year at the Ritz. She wanted to talk Housewives. I was at her service. She talked about the ladies like they were characters on a Soap Opera and I interspersed questions about her life and career. We swapped numbers and texted about what was happening with the girls in Atlanta. She put me in her phone as “Mr Cohen/Housewives”. It tickled me to no end. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.