Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before After Axl Rose Nose Job And Facelift Plastic Surgery Before And After

Axl Rose Nose Job and Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Misuse Of Axl rose plastic surgery

Axl Rose was born on 6th Feb, 1962. He is famous for his music and giving long lasting hit songs to his listeners. His voice is always liked by his fans. He disappeared from the screen and then reemerged in the year 2006. People were shocked to see his new modified looks. He came back with plastic surgery. His face was completely changed due to excess of Botox injections, facial fillers, facelift, hair plugs and Rhinoplasty.

Axl Rose plastic surgery had gone bad and he became freaky and horrible. He had a god gifted talent of giving a wonderful performance with a melodious voice. People were surprised why he had decided for such a bad plastic surgery. Speculation is in the view that it is because of bipolar disorder. Axl Rose became conscious that he was good looking as well as mesmerizing among his listeners. He was afraid of getting old and didn’t want to loose his charms. Due to his fear, he decided to go for plastic surgery as it was the only way to keep him young and attractive for his audience. Unfortunately, his plastic surgery could not provide him the required results.

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