Cardi B Refuses to Rat to Cops But Insists NYPD Choke Hold Happened

Cardi B‘s doubling down on her claim NYPD put her in a choke hold, but admits she’ll never talk to cops about it … even to get another cop in trouble.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper joined Felisha Monet on WEDR 99 Jamz to explain why she dodged a convo with NYPD after claiming one of its officers applied the choke hold last week.

Cardi admits she was “no angel” during an argument with a motorist, which did turn physical — but says she was shocked when cops showed up and came at her first. NYPD Asst. Commissioner Peter Donald tells TMZ … the department’s “more than willing to take a complaint and discuss the alleged incident” but so far their top-to-bottom review’s come up empty.

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